Creating accessible seminars and tutorials for disabled students

4. Evaluating practice

Positive practice:

Note the provisions or arrangements in your institution which currently promote the accessibility of seminars or tutorials or preparation of group assignments for disabled students.

Potential barriers?

StatementTrue/false; comment
All tutors are well informed and prepared to design and deliver small group teaching sessions in ways which demonstrate awareness of the likely needs of disabled students. 
Our institutional and departmental communication systems are sufficiently robust to ensure that where a disabled student has informed the institution of their disability, the student's tutor will always know in advance what the student might need in a small group teaching context.   
Our small group teaching rooms are well provided with audio visual and other equipment which might be essential or helpful to some disabled students. 
There is an institution wide database of information about the resources available in all teaching rooms, and this is used to match rooms to student and staff groups, taking account of disabled students' needs.   
We have a well publicised departmental policy about attendance at small group teaching sessions. 
The above policy incorporates maximum flexibility about student attendance, consistent with competence standards. 
The ways in which we inform students about location and timing of small group teaching takes account of students' diverse needs in relation to access to information. 

Possible solutions:

Where you consider that there is a need for positive action in relation to some of your comments above, detail the solution(s) you would regard as effective, and note the locus of responsibility.

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