About the booklets

The topics covered by the new Teachability booklets are:

Each booklet is intended to assist staff to focus on one aspect of curriculum design or delivery at a time. Quotations from academic staff and also from disabled students convey people’s experience of learning and teaching, of students’ experience of possible barriers and of academics’ creative but also often very straightforward methods of resolving problems, within the constraints of their own subject areas.

The Question and Answer sections on the legislation aim to be focussed: for example, as a tutor or as someone who devises assessments for students, what are the particular things I need to know about disability legislation?

Thinking about teaching and how teaching is experienced by disabled students can be challenging. The evaluation sections at the end of each Teachability booklet hopefully do not reduce the task to a checklist. Academic staff are invited to consider what best describes their current practices, and to summarise their views about whether the impact of their teaching on disabled students could be improved on.

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